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How to Drive Safely

There is a lot of freedom that comes with being able to drive at any time, to any destination you desire. Such privilege is not open to everyone. Those who can need to be safe drivers. Their actions affect more than just themselves. There are other lives of pedestrians, fellow motorists and passengers to think of. This makes the safe driving tips an essential part of the driving experience.

You should never drink and drive. This safe driving tip has been shared so many times, yet some drivers ignore its wisdom. A large portion of road traffic accidents is as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or other impairing drugs. If you go out driving, have a designated driver. If there is none, call a cab.

You also need to be mindful of your speed. It is easier to get into an accident when you are over speeding. Speed limit guides are laced on most roads for a reason. They are different as per the terrain, the traffic, and the region in question.

You also need to drive only when you are focused on the task. Driving while you are doing other things is a recipe for disaster. Those who drive while applying makeup, eating, taking phone calls, texting, watching something on the phone, and other activities need only get lost in that activity for a split second, and an accident happens. If you must use your phone, stop the car first.

You need always to put on the seat belt. Over half of the accident where those on board had on seatbelts did not result in fatalities. Forgetting or neglecting to wear the seatbelt shall let you be thrown out of the car when there is a collision. That force itself, the surface you shall land on, or the object you shall hit on the way, is enough to kill.

You also need to avoid tailgating. Allow some room between your vehicle and others around you. That space comes in handy in case you need to stop abruptly, or they do. If you are too close to each other, you shall cause an accident, since sudden movements will not allow for sufficient reaction time. The same applies when a pedestrian suddenly crosses the road, a distracted child wonders into the road, or an animal sprints across. In case there is poor weather causing the road to be slippery, you shall need that space to get the car to top in time.

When you heed the advice given here, you shall be a safer driver. Not just for yourself, but also for those around you. Click here for more about safe driving:

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